DIY Packing Tips for Moving House

Packing for a move is often a huge, time-consuming and expensive challenge.

It’s easy to lose enthusiasm about an otherwise exciting time in your life when you can’t help but think about all the work and money it’s going to take just to get your things from point A to point B.

Fortunately, you don’t have to go the traditional route that gives packing such a bad name.

Instead, save time and money by using the effective DIY packing tips for moving house that we cover below.

Get Started Right Away

You can never begin your move too early, especially where packing is concerned. At the very latest, you should get started six weeks before the day of the move. This will give you enough time to make up for any of those obligations that suddenly pop up and could otherwise throw off your plan.

Furthermore, it will give you enough time to make arrangements like planning garage sales, asking for help from friends and family, renting necessary items, etc.

Of course, don’t start packing the things you’ll need before your move. Plan out which items won’t be required until you’re in your new home and get those packed away ASAP.

Organize, Organize, Organize

Another great reason to begin early is because it will give you ample opportunity to organize your move properly.

The obvious advice here is to label every box clearly, so you know what’s in it and where it’s going to go in your new home.

However, we’d also recommend numbering each box. This will make it extremely easy to recognize right away if you’re missing one.

You can also track what’s in each box by creating a spreadsheet. While the outside of the box may simply say “clothes,” on your spreadsheet, it might get into more details. For example, it would tell you that box #11 has your children’s winter clothes.

Use What You Have

While they often seem rather reasonably priced at first, the truth is that once you begin packing your things up, it’s easy to spend a small fortune on materials.

Before you invest in any of these things, look around at what you can use that you already have. Everything from pillows to blankets to clothes can be used to wrap your belongings and stuff the boxes so your fragile items are protected.

The rest of your clothes can be kept in their drawers with fragile items stuffed in between the layers.

Take Pictures of What Plugs in Where

One moving nightmare a lot of people have to go through is arriving at their new homes, unpacking and realizing that they don’t know where the plugs for their electronics go. Just setting a desktop computer back up can become a Herculean effort and an especially frustrating one at that.

That’s why you should take pictures of your cords before unplugging them. It will be much, much easier to put everything back together when you have this type of visual to rely on.

As long as you’re able to get started early, the rest of the tips we’ve provided above will be easy to take full advantage of, making your move as easy as possible.

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