A Quick Guide to Decluttering Before Moving House

When it comes to moving, most people think the most important task is getting the actual packing done.

Unfortunately, this is a big mistake that could cost you a lot of time and money.

The truth is that, before you begin moving, you need to declutter your house.

Do this and you won’t have nearly as much to pack and move, which will only help you save money on doing both.

Get Rid of Multiple Items

Over the years, it’s easy to end up with two or more items when just one would do.

For example, you might have a second vacuum cleaner sitting outside in your garage or up in your attic collecting dust. Computers are another common example. It might even be as simple as pitchers or cooking bowls you just never touch.

Now’s the time to sell, gift or donate them.

Think About What You Haven’t Used in the Last Year

Along the same lines, you may have one of something, but if it’s something you haven’t touched in a year or more, it’s probably not something you need to hang on to anymore.

Exercise equipment is almost always an example of one of these items. We buy it in the heat of the moment, but then life gets busy and we never use it. Instead of letting this item needlessly occupy space in your new home, why not leave it behind?

Old Clothes

Another example most people can relate to is old clothing. Either it doesn’t fit or it’s simply out of style. Whatever the case, consider leaving it in your past, not in your closet.

Expired Food

This should be a no-brainer, but if you don’t intentionally think about getting rid of your expired food items, you may accidentally bring these inedible ingredients to your new home.

On a side note, try to eat as much of your food as possible before moving. Begin planning early so that you’re able to make the best use of them in your meals. This will give you less to pack and you may even be able to make good use of certain items before they expire.

Unnecessary Paperwork

It’s perfectly natural to hang on to all your old paperwork. We’re certainly not suggesting you get rid of everything, either. Amongst other things, the Australian Taxation Department recommends that you should keep your payment slips, tax return documents and bank statements until they’re at least seven years old.

However, for paperwork you know is important, consider scanning it into your computer. Thanks to the cloud, it will be safe, even if something happens to your computer in the future. You can then recycle a whole lot of paper.

Entertainment You Don’t Watch/Read Anymore

Physical versions of books, movies and music often carry sentimental value. At the same time, they also take up lots of space, unnecessarily. With so many ways to consume entertainment these days, keep in mind that getting rid of a DVD doesn’t mean you’ll have too much trouble watching your favourite movie again in the future.

Whether you put it on eBay, sell it at a garage sale, give it to a friend or donate it, any item that doesn’t need to come with you on your move should be left behind.

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