Providing Excellent Storage in Perth

Whether you want to store your goods for a few days or many years, we have the right storage solution to meet your needs. Choose from our containerised storage system or self-storage. Regardless of what system you choose know that  the greatest of care is taken in ensuring the long-term safety and condition of your goods.

Excellent Storage in Perth since 1958

With Containerised Storage you only pay for the space you occupy so you’re not paying for space you don’t use.  Our containerised system ensures your items are stored in large containers and sealed up until you request them.  Furniture is wrapped in pads before it is stored, and lounges are covered and put on special shelving to prevent other goods resting on them. If you don’t require the constant access that a self storage unit offers, it makes sense to store your goods with our containerised warehouse storage system which mean you’re paying the lowest rates around.

If you opt for Self-storage because you want frequent access to your stored goods we can help you with this too! We now are in full  partnership with Fort Knox Self Storage, a respected self storage company which has been providing self storage in Perth for over 30 years. Our friendly team will ensure you get a great deal in their modern self storage facility.  Our partnership ensures you get the same great storage rates and the additional savings a one stop service can offer.

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